Taking Care of Homes & People

It all started in 2016 after the Founder and CEO, Dustin Marx, landed Stellar’s very first client: one of the ten largest REITs in the US.

While servicing their property maintenance needs, he noticed a mismatch – many of the best contractors weren’t consistently busy, and yet property managers had a consistent roster of work, so he decided to do something about it. What began as a way to match qualified tradespeople with great opportunities has since grown into a tech-powered solution that makes life better for contractors, REITS, and residents alike.

Today, Stellar partners with property managers and contractors to resolve home maintenance issues without the hassle. We get the best tradespeople on the job to deliver an elevated resident experience for rental properties. It’s a scalable solution that takes care of homes and people.

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Stellar: it’s how we do things.

The Stellar experience is exactly that: optimistic and refreshing. We go out of our way to make our services uplifting and positive for everyone involved. Every step of the way, we’re here to do things right and do right by you.

Shaping communities, one relationship at a time.

We invest in the heart of home maintenance: people. Whether you’re the property manager, contractor, or resident, we’ll treat you with the utmost empathy and care. Because home maintenance alone doesn’t build thriving communities, people do.

And we’re shaping sought-after neighbourhoods, one relationship at a time.

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Powered by tech and expertise in maintenance repairs.

Stellar marries tech with our intimate knowledge of property maintenance for a solution that improves the lives of everyone involved:

A better reputation and NOI for property managers and owners. Consistent work with flexible hours for contractors. A stress-free place to call home for residents.

Our team specializes in home maintenance repairs so you can rest assured that we’ll get things done right, the first time.


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